Clean up a TTMSFMXGrid.

I've initialized a Grid, with a lot of Cell contens, a lot of Bitmaps (with AddBitmap method) and so on.

Now I want to clear all of this and start again loading new items on this grid.

Are there any instructions like Grid.Clear; or Grid.Restart or anything similar?

If not...

How should I clear a Grid to start newly inserting data?


Really I need to clear all rows but not the fixed rows.

There's a ClearCells method that clears the cells

How to use ClearCells? 

Can you give me an example or a link to the product manual where is explained his use?
I need to remove all the cell of all the rows but not the fixed rows. 

I don't want to clear his content, I want remove the rows, with all his cells. 
  TMSFMXGrid1.ClearCells(CellRange(TMSFMXGrid1.FixedColumns, TMSFMXGrid1.FixedRows, TMSFMXGrid1.ColumnCount - 1, TMSFMXGrid1.RowCount - 1));

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