Clarify something on the new Dictionary please

I watched the video on the new Dictionary. Love all the options and especially the ability to compare versions!

It also says you can generate it from the EXE and the BPL. Is there an example of this? (I never use BPLs, but ... an EXE?)

I can see reading the DB and generating the needed code if you go DB-first.

I'm guessing that the use of Attributes lets you do it another way (forget which one) if you prefer Class-first. (What is the source for this?)

But how the heck are you digging it out of an EXE / BPL?

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Thank you for the compliments.

The example can be found in documentation: Dictionary | TMS Aurelius documentation.

It doesn't exact information from an exe, you just generate the dictionary from the executable (your application) calling a method. So it's rather simple, it just gather information from the classes in your application via RTTI and generate the .pas file from it.

The BPL is external, indeed, but it just do a LoadPackage and extract the RTTI from the BPL as well.

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