CircularProgress display formats

This is my first forum post... Please be gentle.

I'm trying to use the SmoothCircularProgress to display a countdown timer.
I've set the Max to the time, in seconds.
I can't figure out 2 things;
1. How do I configure the ProgressCircle.Steps to be displayed in minutes rather than seconds as this is much more user friendly. I can't see a way to do this.
2. How can I configure the Digits.Format to display minutes and seconds in the format (mm:ss). I've tried '%.2d:%.2d', [iTemp div 60, iTemp mod 60] (with iTemp being a copy of the Progress) but the last Zero becomes the progress counter.



You can use the OnGetStepValue event for this:

procedure TForm1.AdvSmoothCircularProgress1GetStepValue(Sender: TObject;
  AValue: Single; var AValueString: string);
  AValueString := Format('%.2d:%.2d', [Round(AValue) div 60, Round(AValue) mod 60]);

That did the trick. Thanks.

I ended up using AValueString := Format('%.d', [Round(AValue) div 60]); for the GetStepValue event to only display the minutes, and AValueString := Format('%.d:%.2d', [Round(AValue) div 60, Round(AValue) mod 60]); for the GetPositionEvent to display minutes and seconds.

Thanks for you help.