Chromium browser in OAuth form


Is there a simple way to replace the IE-based TWebBrowser used in the OAuth autorization forms by Chromium (the way it works with FMX Cloud components?)

I need to run the application on Windows Server and the "enhanced IE security" mode makes it impossible to perform the authentication.

There is not a simple way.
However, depending on the cloud service you're wanting to use, you might set CloudService.ExternalBrowser = true and then it will not use an embedded browser but the default browser configured on the system.

Thank you for your answer, Bruno.

An external browser is, unfortunately, out of the question in my case: the users have no access to a web browser (it is a controlled environment).

Should I be to modify the source code to allow for the injection of different dependency regarding the web browser, would you be open to integrating the change into the main code base ? I looked into it and there is indeed no way to easily plug in another mechanism without modifying the source: I don't want to have to merge my changes with each new version.

We would need to investigate this if this can be done in a non obstructive way and without hard references to any other browser engine files. If so, it can be considered but it won't a trivial exercise.