Child css in form hosting

I will like to keep the css relating to the child form in the child.html in form hosting. When the child form is created and attached to the element on the main form, the css in the child html does not get applied though it shows up in the chrome debugger. If the css of the child form is added to the main form, it does work. Can you please tell me how to  apply the css after loading ?

Shah, I do not know the details of what you are doing, but here is my experience...

Often times my own CSS do not take effect. The CSS loads just fine, but the element style data overrides it. One way around this is to use the !important tag in my own CSS. 

I know that using the !important tag is often considered bad practice, but there are good arguments for doing using it if 1) you want to enforce a consistent theme and 2) if you do not have control over the element style that is generated. Both cases apply to my work and it works for me ;)