ChartType is ctArea, using AddSingleXYPoint().. Possible()?

I am in a situation where I have to use AddSingleXYPoint() .
The X-axis axis is distance and does not increase uniformly.
The Y-axis is the height.

ChartType should use ctArea.

When I add a Point with AddSingleXYPoint() using ctArea,
The X-axis increases in the form of 1,2,3,4,.. regardless of the distance value.

Is AddSingleXYPoint available only in ctXYLine type?

I want ChartType = ctXYLine | ctArea
Is it possible?


X, Y values are only available in ctXYLine & ctXYMarker. We have adapted this for TMS FNC Chart, where this is possible for other chart types as well.

Thanks.. Pieter..