ChartAPI Flexcel 7.8 How to create chart as sheet rather than object in a data sheet

I am trying to use the Chart API to create graphs from scratch (in code). I have most of what I need working (been waiting a long time and am really happy to see the capability here). The one thing I am having trouble tracking down is how to create a chart as a complete sheet (possible in Excel, and also possible to change a chart from object in sheet, to sheet on its own).

I really need the option of making the chart a complete sheet to match our current functionality for which we have to use Excel automation (and hate it with a passion).

If I can get this final bit in place I think I have the option of fully transitioning from Excel automation to pure Flexcel... :smile:

Sorry on the delay answering. There is no current way to add a chart sheet with the API (an oversight, because chart sheets are rarely used today), but I was looking if there was a way we could make it available for the next release.

I am not still 100% sure we will be able to do it for next release (we are as always already late in the release), but I'll try to sneak that in. If not possible, it should be in the next-after-next release.

Thanks Adrian.

I obviously can't comment about whether charts are rarely used as separate sheets by others, but I struggle to see why anyone wouldn't I find charts within the sheets are usually ugly. But that is my personal view and I am sure others will disagree, which is fine.

All of our files are generated with graphs in their own sheet (thousands of clients). This one of the main reasons why we are still using Excel automation (and hating it).

If you do get to creating chart sheets in a release soon it may get us closer to being able to avoid Excel and enjoy the benefits of the Flexcel speed!!

There are a few other issues I need to work out, but I will put those in additional threads.

Thanks for the good work.

This is just ot let you know we've just finished testing a new method. XlsFile.AddChartSheet that should allow you to do chart sheets.

It will be available in the 7.10 release which I expect will be in a couple of days. We are also investigating your other issues, as soon as everything is ok (with your and other people's issues) we will be releasing 7.10.

@adrian . Many thanks.

Looking forward to the chance to test these.


Once again, very happy to report that this feature seems to work very sweetly in 7.10.

More happiness :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

Thank you