Chart pdf export


I have a template having a chart. When I produce the excel file chart works fine, but when I export at pdf chart is not exported correctly, only shows an empty bar chart, but I use another type of chart...

Is something that I miss here?



What kind of chart are you exporting?  FlexCel currently only exports 2D-charts, and not all kind of charts are supported yet.

it's a radar chart, of course not 3D. Is this supported?


Sorry radar harts are not yet supported. Our focus with the FlexCel 7 release was to support the same charts we already supported in xls. In the future we will be adding more, but there are lots of kind of charts, and every Excel release seems to add a new one.

Please specify that almost all charts export at excel but not all at pdf's? Am I understand correctly?

Yes, charts aren't exported to Excel, we just preserve them, and yes, all are supported. Exporting them to pdf means manually reading the information in the xlsx file, then manually drawing lines, bars, pies, drawing axis, legends,  etc, with commands like "DrawRect" or "DrawLine". So exporting the charts (to pdf, html, png, svg, etc) is much more work than just preserving the file in the xlsx file. That's why not all types are supported when exporting to pdf.

Fully understood! Thanks for your support.

I was testing trial edition of Flexcel and I am going to buy it, great tool.