Changing the z-order of TDiagram components

Hi there,

Is there a way to change the z-order ( ordering of overlapping components..which one appears on top ) of TDiagram components?
By default the convention seems to be last in = highest z-order.

Thanks in advance.

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I found a work-around which will solve my problem:

TDiagram has a BringToFront() function which takes a Diagram Control as parameter.
If you have a handle on the component you would like to bring to the front ( eg. a TDiagramBlock* pBlock ):

( c++ ): pBlock->Diagram->BringToFront( dynamic_cast< TDiagramControl* >( pBlock ) )
* Implicit casting will also work in this case.

That will bring the TDiagramBlock to the front.

If there is way to explicitly set the z-order of component, I would still appreciate an answer.


That's the "official" way to do that, using BringToFront and SendToBack