Changing the Colors for Specific rows or Columns

I have a simple question.

I use INTRAWEB here. I do know that you can do this in the normal VCL (or non Intraweb environment).

Is there a SIMPLE way to change the color of a ROW please?

In the VCL version it would be Gridname.colors[column, row] := ...colorcode;

Can we do the same in Intraweb?

For the record, your documentation is shocking!!!

You have such good products yet the backing documentation is severely amateurish and lacking.




You can use the OnGetCellProp event to change the color of a row.
Here is an example:

procedure TIWForm1.TIWAdvWebGrid1GetCellProp(Sender: TObject; RowIndex,
  ColumnIndex: Integer; AValue: string; var AColor: TIWColor;
  var AAlignment: TAlignment; Font: TIWFont);
  if RowIndex = 1 then
    AColor := clWebRed;

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