changing tabs is slow. on mobile devices you hit the tab and it's a very slow response. Is there a simple js trick ( or something ) to fade the page out when clicked and in when shown.

Difficult to answer without seeing at least a debug build with a map file.

Sorry new to this. Where are these ? Which actual files please.

The video page seems the slowest. So, to begin with, look at where the video data is coming from.

Not sure what you mean. The videos are published with the app and the links URLs are video/filename.mp4

When your build configuration is "debug", pas2js compiler generates a map file, so that you can more easly debug/view your pascal code under browser enviroment.

Other than the initial page load, you don't load anything from network between tab switching. So the reason for tab switching speed should be something else. Check your code for the pagecontrol change event. Do you have any extra code there?

No code on the tab switching.

The only code is on responsive grid changes and button code to send email.

Hi Stephen,
There is the performance tab in Chrome dev tools. There you can press record and do something in your UI (click a different tab) and stop recording. It will give you lot of insight of your project's performance like how much time spend on scripting, rendering ect. in those tabs in the bottom like summary, bottom-up, call tree with the times spent in each function, task etc. This will help you pinpoint the bottleneck.


please see the video on the response between tabs.

Without seeing what controls you have used, all its property settings, ... it is very hard to decipher and guess what is happening.
I suggest to send the project source so we can investigate here.

Sent project in PM thanks

We saw the issue & suggested an improvement you can do now.
We also applied an improvement to anchoring that will make this faster already out of the box in TMS WEB Core v2.0

Can you post the improvement you suggested so future web core folks can understand what's going on?

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It was suggested to remove the superfluous anchoring on the WebResponsiveGridPanel multimediaplayer components. Other than this, a framework improvement was done to make it performant event with the superfluous anchoring.