Changes since Version Feb/Mar?

Have any major changes been made to the XData Server since the last release that change the functionality?
All my test servers will stop working after recompiling.
Is there something new?
(It is very important to me, my development is standing still at the moment.)

The wizard "TMS XData" - "TMS XData Web Application" does not work properly. An Auth server is created in the source code without having a component in the module.
(This is not important for me)

Many Thanks

Sorry, I think it was my mistake.

I have set 
XDataServer.ModelName := 'AnOwnName'
After this, nothing works.
Now I'm searching for the second error.

But with my Demo-Webapplication is the error still active.

And here ist a copy of the browser:

Aren't you running into a CORS issue? What does the browser console indicates? Please check the browser console to see more details about the error. Also, try to add CORS middleware to your XData server.

After a long search, I've got it working again.

I have tried to test with Postman. But Postman doesn't word correctly. And after many tests, CORS was off again. :-(
Now I use RESTED. A Firefox-Plugin.

I have many more questions, but first I try it myself. 
Thank you for the great tools