Change SQL on RemoteServer


I have a application using TXDataSet to connect to a RemoteDB using Firebird as database, now I need to also use SQL Server as Database Server.

The problem is that on the application I have specific SQL for firebird for example "SELECT GEN_ID(GEN_PROVNUMID,1) FROM rdb$database", If I use MS SQL I now have to use "SELECT NEXT VALUE FOR GEN_PROVNUMID;".

Is there a way to intercept SQL commands on the RemoteDBServer and change from Firebird to MS SQL Syntax, and avoid change application SQL. For example on remote server look for SQL "SELECT GEN_ID(GEN_PROVNUMID,1) FROM rdb$database" and change it to "SELECT NEXT VALUE FOR GEN_PROVNUMID;"

Thanks in advance,

Omar Zelaya

Unfortunately there is no such mechanism in RemoteDB. You will have to change the SQL at client side.