Change glyphs of TDBAdvNavigator

Dear experts,

how can I use my custom glypths instead of the standard ones in the TDBAdvNavigator or TDBAdvGlowNavigator?  


The icons are in the resource DBADVNAV.RES, so, replacing this resource with your images in this resource should do it.

Will I have to recompile the resource? What should I do after replacing my images in to the dbadvnav.nes?

It should be sufficient to recompile your application that uses this resource.

what does that property "GlyphResName" do? Could I simply use it instead of recomiling the whole source? 

This is in case you would add additional images in DBADVNAV.RES with a different name rather than replace existing images and with GlyphResName you set a custom suffix for the images that were added to DBADVNAV.RES.