Change Day Times

I have dbdaysource set as dmMultiResource as each day changes opening and closing times are taken from a table,
this works fine and can be changed by staff. I have set a procedure called GetDay that returns the various DisplayStart and DisplayEnd from the Table, works great.

Now for each employee I can change the dbdaysource to dmMultiDayRes, this now shows 14 days in advance, the problem i have is that all times are taken from the first day on the left hand side, is there a way to show the opening times for each day on the planner as well as the closing times

I have looked at OnPositionToDay, with no luck or would i use position props

Many Thanks  

I'm not sure I understand your question. Do you mean that you want to set a different start time / end time of the time axis for the different days displayed? In the dmMultiDayRes case, each day has by design the same start time /  end time.

Hi Bruno

At present I can change to dmMultiDayRes and show the next 7 or 14 days for each employee.  This works great, but.
Each day's closing time can vary ie

Monday     Close 6pm
Tuesday   Close 6pm
Wednesday  Close 8pm
Saturday        Close 4pm

Can I display each closing time for each day in dmMultiDayRes.
 I have set a test planner but cannot figure a way to do this.

Can I use another Planner source for doing this

You can add PositionProps to the Planner.PositionProps collection. This represents properties to control active start & active end time for each position (column).
Add the same nr. of PositionProps as you have positions in the Planner and set the properties for each accordingly.

Hi Bruno

Just thought I'd post on the outcome;

In dmMultiResource i Read closing times from a table this is then passed to the planner so that when changing days via a calander component each days closing time is represented in the planner.  This works

Now after your help I have found a way to change in dmMultiDayRes so as date is changed the planner updates

Set array to find the latest closing time using MaxIntValue, this sets the planners global DisplayEnd
Reset array to hold  ActiveEnd for each day

Set Calander to find DayOfWeek and set planner PositionProps for each day,  using PositionProps.clear to reset after each day change.  All working fine and the staff are pleased

This may be long winded, who knows.

Anyway i hate when you read a post and no outcome is posted back, hope this may help someone in the future

Thanks for informing and for sharing this solution.