CellControls and control size


I'm using CellControls to add an AdvGlowButton to a cell:

CellControls[0, 0]:= TAdvGlowButton.Create(Self);
I can set its properties using:
TAdvGlowButton(CellControls[0, 0]).Caption.... and so on.

The button size is equal the cell size.
How can I create a smallest button (I want a margin of 5px all around).
If I change the button size after creation, button size is adjusted, but when grid refresh, button return to full size.

Basso Claudio

it is by design that when adding a CellControl, this control takes the size of the cell. If you want to insert a control smaller than the cell, you'd need to put it in a container control that will get the cell size and within this container control, you have full control over the size of the control(s) you want to add.