Cell with Bitmap not editable

Delphi XE7 / TMS Grid Pack v6.3.7.4

Can I edit a cell with a bit button inside?
I loaded a resource into the project called Search, but I can't edit the text portion of the cell when a bit button is in the same cell aligned to the right.

  r: integer;
  AdvStringGrid1.RowCount := 20;
  AdvStringGrid1.Options := AdvStringGrid1.Options + [goEditing];
  for r := 1 to AdvStringGrid1.RowCount - 1 do        AdvStringGrid1.CreateBitButton(1,r,20,20,'',haRight,vaTop).LoadFromResourceName(HInstance,'Search');

Sorry, a cell with a button is not editable, it will just react as a button-click.

Thank you.