caption bar events in AdvMetroForm

I just tried to use TAdvMetroForm but It doesn't support most window control event when clicking
or dragging caption bar.

such as..
double click => maximize/restore window size
drag to top => maximize
drag out when maximized => restoring size

I would like to know if there's a way of enabling these functions.

At this moment, this newer Windows behavior is not built-in.
We use internally the WM_NCHITTEST to return the caption area but this is for these newer behaviors in Windows apparently not sufficient. We'll investigate if we can extend this.

Hello Bruno,
Thank you for the reply.
I understand it could take some time for newer things.
However, I could not find enabling classic behaviors either.
(double click caption area to maximize/restore the window)
Could you tell me if there is any way?

We could find a fix for the double-click handling.
Next TMS VCL UI Pack will address this.

Okay, Thank you for your support!