Captca have a black left bar??

Dear Sir,

Why after compile to dll my Capctha always have a left black bar ?
How to get rid of it ??



Rusmin Noer

I have not been able to reproduce this issue.

Does this also happen with a standalone project?

If the problem persists, please provide a ready to run sample project that demonstrates the issue so I can further investigate this.
Can you also let me know which version of IntraWeb and Delphi you are using?

This dont(never) happen with a stand alone project.
This always happen after compile to a dll.

I am using D2010+IW same version, 32bit. Latest TMS.

If you dont mind. You can send your dll file to me. I will put it on my VPS.

Can you please provide the name and version of the OS and webserver you are using the run the DLL?


I have this problem also since this morning.
ithappens when ISAPI DLL is used with W2008 server and IIS7,
same DLL on WS2003 and IIS6 works fine.
Best regards


Unfortunately I haven't been able to reproduce this issue.
If possible, please provide the actual incorrect image and the source of the HTML page that displays the image so I can further investigate this.

Can you also please let me know which version of IntraWeb you are using?

Can you please try changing the ComInitialization property setting in the ServerController of your form?

I'm like the same problem
I saw this only occurs when I put the app to start as a service

TIWStart.Execute (false) / / the problem

TIWStart.Execute (True) / / no problem

look problem



Currently it is unclear what could be the cause of this issue. 
We’re going to have to further investigate this.

ok I am awaiting




Any news on the problem?