Cant use GDrive anymore

Some weeks ago, gdrive suddenly stopped working, the components getdriveinfo never returns.

First I thought its because there are too many files on my gdrive, so I deleted them all, its completely empty now, and still, it never returns.

I logged it and it keeps on logging urls like:
(Note I delete the pageToken and access_token in the urls below)

20161114T171501:HTTPS GET:
20161114T171502:HTTPS GET:
20161114T171505:HTTPS GET:
20161114T171509:HTTPS GET:
20161114T171512:HTTPS GET:
20161114T171516:HTTPS GET:
20161114T171520:HTTPS GET:
20161114T171524:HTTPS GET:

It will not stop and it goes on forever like that, even my gdrive, as mentioned, is completely empty, also nothing in trashcan there.

I am using the last of the component.

Did you test this with our CloudStorageDemo app?
I have  retested this here with Google Drive but this works fine here.
Can you test this with our demo and if this works, verify / compare what's different in your app?

Where do I find the CloudStorageDemo?

Btw, the other services like onedrive etc. are working just fine.

TMS Cloud Pack demo applications are installed in a subfolder of the
Documents folder of your machine called ?tmssoftware\TMS Cloud Pack Demos?