can't register TupfStandardApplicationServices

I'm in the process to migrate a project von D7 to DXE. 

The program compiled with DelphiXE fails at:
of the Unit upfManager.
Error Message is:
  Exception-Klasse EFilerError mit Meldung 'Klasse mit der Bezeichnung TInterfacedPersistent existiert bereits'. 
(sorry, that is german for "class alreaday exists/registered").
The Unit that registered "TInterfacedPersistent" before seems to be JvAni (from JEDI-JVCL). 
You can reproduce that problem by adding JvAni to your HostAppU Demo.
Any suggestions?

If you have multiple places in code files where the class TInterfacedPersistent is registered you'll need to exclude the register in either one of these code files.

Sorry but I don't have codefiles where TInterfacedPersistent  is registered. As said, one is yours (upfManage.pas) and the other one is JvAni.pas of JVCL and both  do not register TInterfacedPersistent directly, but TInterfacedPersistent decendies (TupfStandardApplicationServices in your case), so exclude registation is no option.