Can't open xlsx file


I am trying to open file 
Exception is that Key is not in dictionary.

After opening file in Excel and resave all is ok.

File is here

Thanks for any suggestion
The file is wrong: it says it contains a file inside, and the file doesn't exist. When you open it in Excel it ignores the error and when you save it back it saves a correct file.

I'll see if we can add a workaround for this, but this is in the limit of what is a "corrupt" file and I am not sure it shouldn't be reported that the file is wrong. (as we currently do). And I am afraid that silently ignoring this could cause data loss in some cases where there has been actual corruption of the file.

I'll check it out and see if there is a way to fix this while still marking corrupt files as corrupt. I'll let you know.

Thank you very much I will waiting.

We've fixed it here. FlexCel 7.5 (to be released this week) will be able to open this file without issues.

Thank you very very much.

Just to let you know FlexCel 7.5 was just released and it should fix this.