Can't load XLS file into AdvStringGrid

Delphi XE7, Windows 7 pro x64, MS Office 2010, AdvStringGrid

When I execute code:

 AdvStringGrid1.LoadFromXLS(emailFile);  //email file is the email attached XLS file saved to disk

The OS intervenes and prevents execution:

'Office has detected a problem with this file.  To help protect your computer this file cannot be opened.'

I receive over 50 files from the email sender each day, and am trying to automate the procedures.  On some files, I need a total from a single column, so I am trying to load the file into a string grid to process it.  

Is there a method to override Office security to allow the file to be opened?

I also get a warning if I try to open it directly with MS Office, but it does allow me to open it.

Have you considered using TAdvGridExcelIO to open the XLS file 

This way, the grid isn't using Office at all to load the .XLS file.

Thanks for the pointer.  I overlooked it.