Can't generate license file

Yesterday I bought TMS Web Core VSC, downloaded the software, installed the file tmswebcore-1.0.3211.vsix into VSC, opened the License Generator, entered my email address and registration code and got the response "The license has expired!". Could you please take a look at this?

Is there any anti-virus, proxy, firewall, ... that could block the access to our activation server?
If so, please try to disable this and retry to activate.

No proxy/firewall, and Kaspersky anti-virus is configured to give
TMSLicenseGenerator.exe maximum rights.
Are you sure that no requests from my PC are arriving on your side, as
I've never had such a problem in the past when activating other software?

Can you contact us by direct email so we can ask for some user specific information to follow-up?

Sure! Will do so.