Can't find any unit not in base directory

When I compile a program and some of the units are not in the base directory, the pas2js.exe compiler complains: can't find unit "MyUnit".
E.g. when I have a dpr with these units:

  UnTest_Webclient in 'UnTest_Webclient.pas' {Form1: TWebForm} {*.html},
  Repository.Constantes in '..\Repository\Repository.Constantes.pas';

the pas2js.exe compiler complains

[Error] Test_Webclient.dpr(7): can't find unit "Repository.Constantes"

We're investigating.
Can you try as workaround to add this unit to your project folder?

That seems to work, but I can't get anything compiled that's not in the demos.
With everything I do I get a 'can't find unit XXX. E.g. System.UITypes.
I even get a 'can't find unit Generics.Collections' in XData.Client.pas(8).
I did install the latest XData / Aurelius stuff.

think it's better to wait until there is some more documentation before I try it with my existing code. It's not really clear what I can use and what not.
I have a working XData server and a lot of code in Units for my VCL client that should be reusable. Just looking what I can use and what I can't.
Looks promising though!

Please note that you can use the XData web client but of course not the full XData.

Yes, documentation is being worked on and is coming.