can't assgin 0 or 1 to TTMSFNCDigitalTimePicker's SelectedTime property

Hi Bruno,

A quick question I found here:

I simply dropped a TTMSFNCDigitalTimePicker component to the form, then I tried to assign 0 or 1 to TTMSFNCDigitalTimePicker.selectedTime property, but looks like both these two values can't be accepted by the component (shown as empty).

On the other hand, I assigned value 0.5 and it can show the time as 12:00:00 which is correct. Also tried other values between 0 and 1 and they all work, except 0 and 1.

Any help with this?



It shows empty because the AllowNumericNullValue property is set to True by default. Set it to False if you want to see 00:00:00 shown.

That works, thanks!

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