can't add new row and highlight it when it almost reaches the bottom of Webstringgrid

Hi Bruno,

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I have a button to add a new row to a string grid and also I would like to highlight the newly added row to TWebStringGrid. However, when I continued to add new row until the last almost reached the bottom of string grid, then I can't add more since the page got stuck:

WebStringGrid1.rowCount := WebStringGrid1.rowCount +1;
WebStringGrid1.row := WebStringGrid1.rowCount-1;

Here is the demo:
34. add new row and highlight (2.0 MB)



Use BeginUpdate/EndUpdate:

procedure TForm2.WebButton1Click(Sender: TObject);
  WebStringGrid1.RowCount := WebStringGrid1.RowCount + 1;
  WebStringGrid1.Row := WebStringGrid1.RowCount - 1;

Works pretty well. Thanks!

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