Cannot type Negative Number into TAdvMoneyEdit


Using C++ Builder 10.4.2 if I place a TAdvMoneyEdit on a form. Set EditType to etFloat. Set precision to 2. Set Signed to true.

When I run the application and I go to type in -100.00 I cannot type the negative sign.

If I do the same thing in C++ Builder 10.2 I can type in the negative sign.

Any help is appreciated.
Thank you,

This is because TAdvMoneyEdit allows to enter calculation steps.
If you type 1+3 ENTER it will calculate to 4
If you type 1-3 ENTER it will calculate to -2
If you do not want this calculation, use a TAdvEditBtn

Hello Bruno,

Thank you for the reply.

Can you point me toward some resources on how to add a calculator drop down to a TAdvEditBtn? Will need to go through the 75+ places in my application that have a TAdvMoneyEdit and replace them.

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The source code of TAdvMonyEdit or TAdvCalculatorDropDown is a resource of information how to do this.

I further checked this and there is a handling of the difference between operation (-) minus and entering the (-) sign.
With shift (-) char, it will insert the - char, otherwise it performs the calculation.