Cannot debug Program using Flexcel


I have problems debugging programs with use of Flexcel. Compilation or build is ok, if I start the programm from the IDE, the IDE gets instable, it means I get the error message "Embarcadero RAD Studio for Windows funktioniert nicht"  mehr" (_= it does not work anymore). This happens with all programms using Flexcel, also the simple example of Getting Started.

I have installed Rad Studio XE4, 1st update together with Eurekalog. If I switch Eureka off, it is the same.

I could also reproduce it with XE3 and last update, there is the same behaviour.

Programms with other TMS components are fine.

Programms with Flexcel outside the IDE run fine. 

Any help appreciated!

Sincerely Peter


We haven't seen this here, and I am not sure on what can be happening. How much memory is BDS consuming in the task manager when you start the app?   Do you have enough hard disk space/memory?

if you open Windows Event Viewer -> Custom Views -> Administrative Events
do you see anything interesting that could be causing this?

The last thing to try would be the system path. Can you try installing FlexCel without selecting the checkbox "Add FlexCel to system path" in the "Additional Tasks" screen?
If you are having issues with both XE3 and XE4, it might be something related with the system path getting too big.

I don't really have much more ideas about what could be causing it.


I found the reason for not being able to debug programs with Flexcel or without Flexcel.

It can be found here

I wonder how you from TMSSoftware are not affected by this Rad Studio bug since XE2 also in XE3 and XE4?

Also the fix shown in QC allows me to debug everything fine.

Again this workaround "fixed" it in my environment:

Edit registry key

HKCU\Software\Embarcadero\BDS\10.0\Debugging\Embarcadero Debuggers\Evaluators

Set comp32x.dll from 1 to -1.



Thanks for the info. We've been affected by thousands of bugs in Delphi, but not this one. I imagine there should be a mix of things, maybe it affects, say people using some especial addin, some version of windows, some antivirus, some graphics card or whatever. When you "hit the jackpot" and have all the factors, the error shows. Personally, I haven't seen it myself, but as said, it could be caused by a thousand things. 

Again, thanks a lot for reporting it, while as said I haven't experienced it myself (crossing fingers...) it can be helpful if some other users have the same issue.



Could you give a list of plugins in the IDE and components of other 3rd parties you are using in your developement at TMS?. Maybe then we could find out the culprit for this problem.



In my personal case, I use zero plugins/components for development, testing and building of FlexCel, as a way to know I am introducing any unwanted dependency or anything that can break if the user doesn't have it. 

So it is a naked ide, not even "official" plugins like codesite or aqtime are installed. All my tools, profilers, etc are explicity installed without "integrating" them with the ide and I prefer it that way too.

The only thing that is in my development and test machines is the full FastMM4, for memory diagnosis. 


Thank you!