Cannot change AdvSmoothButton cursor at runtime


Berlin 10.1 update 2
Windows 10 x64

Changing an AdvSmoothButton cursor property at runtime does not work.

Doing something like this has no effect:
AdvSmoothButton1.Cursor := crHandPoint;

It works if I change the cursor at design time.

Is this something that can be fixed?

Small question also, is there a way to avoid the AdvSmoothButton visual shrink when setting it's Status.Visible property to true?


We fixed the handpoint cursor issue. For the indent on status.visible = true you can set the HorizontalSpacing and VerticalSpacing property to 0

  AdvSmoothButton1.HorizontalSpacing := 0;
  AdvSmoothButton1.VerticalSpacing := 0;