Can you pause or stop/abort a running script?

We have custom scripts that can run for a long time and are run in a TTask. They are typically doing something like processing a TDataset. Below is an example of a long operation.....

  // 10 minute script runtime
  while Not(DS.Eof) do

To minimize the complexity of the script, we would not want the person writing scripts to have to keep checking a GLOBAL variable to see if they should exit early.

Ideally we would have a button in our app that would know the script is running and be able to do something like TatScript.Abort; to stop the script.

Since we do run the script in a Thread, is there any way to abort a script before it completes.

Note that all our scripts are custom and don't use forms.

Thank you for the consideration of this question.

Have you tried to use



Thank you. Once I got the Threads and TatScripter setup correctly, Scripter.Halt worked perfectly....

Thank you.

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