Can TWebCopy download to a TMemoryStream

I am a current owner of the TMS VCL component pack for C++Builder XE4 Pro. I am using the VCL 32 bit platform and the component TWebCopy  Version

I can only figure how to save a downloaded file to the hard drive using WebCopyItem->TargetDir and WebCopyItem->TargetFilename. 

How can I save a WebCopy downloaded file to a TMemoryStream?  


Sorry, at this moment there is not a built-in method to save to stream. This is an interesting suggestion though that we'll consider to add.

I added a feature request to have the TWebCopy save to a TMemoryStream or a TStringList. This would be very useful when download many file types such as .csv files.

Thanks for adding this to the feature request list. This is indeed a useful suggestion that we'll consider.