Can TTMSFMXEdit have transparent background?


Is there a way to make the background of TTMSFMXEdit transparent (opacity = 0) but have the text visible (opacity = 1)?


Yes, you should search for an element that is called background and then set this element opacity to 0.

I searched FMX.TMSEdit.hpp for "background" but didn't find anything, and the code editor auto-complete doesn't show "background".  Where do I find it?


I forgot to mention that you need to search for the background element inside the style. You can edit the style when right-clicking the component and clicking "Edit Custom Style"

Thanks Pieter.  I found it.  I also found a predefined transparent style.  TTMSFMXEdit1->StyleLookup = "transparentedit"; does what I need.

Thanks for your confirmation.