Can TMSFMXCloudGMail send multiple attachments?

I can see that TMSFMXCloudGMail has a property for a single file attachment (TMSFMXCloudGMail.file). Is there a way to attach multiple files to the same email?

Yes, you can add multiple attachments. In the TTMSFMXCloudGMail class, there is the Files property that is a collection interface to allow to add multiple files.

Sorry, I am confused and I mentioned the wrong class before. So I'll try again...

In the TMSFMXCloudGMail example, a GMail is sent by creating a TGmailMessage which has the file property (single file), and then an instance of TMSFMXCloudGMail calling it's send method with a reference to the TGmailMessage previously created.

Are you suggesting I create the TGMailMessage as before, ignoring the File property. Create a collection of Files stored in the TMSFMXCloudGMail.Files property, Call the TMSFMXCloudGMail.SendMessage method passing the TGmailMessage, and finally clear the files collection prior to sending the next email?

Yes, that is correct.
Please use the TMSFMXCloudGMail.Files collection property.