Can´t create process

This already worked for me, but today I created a new TWeb Application, with just one form an two buttons. When I press F9 the code is compiled, but then "process can not be created." is diaplyed. In German it is: Prozess kann nicht erzeugt werden: Der angeforderte Vorgang erfordert erhöhte Rechte.

When I manually start the EXE in the Win32 folder, I have to confirm elevated rights and then the EXE starts.

Any ideas how to solve this?


What EXE are you referring to?

I mean the EXE created by F9 in the subfolder \Win32\Debug

Does the Windows user account with which you run Delphi has full permissions to the EXE folder where this app is generated?

The user has admin rights and yes, the subdirs WIN32 and TMSWeb are created with all rights eanbled.
However, I changed BDS.EXE to run as ADMIN and now things work ok. This is a VM, so this is ok for me.

But still interested: What process was the problem here?

The Windows user with which you did run Delphi must have not had sufficient permissions to execute this executable.