Can I use TAdvSmoothEdit ?

I noticed that in the latest VCL UI release you have added a border colour property to this component and thought that this would be useful in an application I am working on.

But TAdvSmoothEdit is nowhere registered among the 'smooth' components.  Is there some reason for this omission?  I added a registration unit and rebuilt the BPL/DCP and it looks to be a nice component; but will there be problems if I use it?  Is there documentation anywhere for the validation, lookup, edittype and other added properties in this component? 
This is something that comes from the time that the Smooth Controls were in a seperate product from the VCL UI Pack. Then the TAdvSmoothEdit was added to create the smooth dropdown controls.
But there are no real updates on this specific control, it is best to use the TAdvEdit.

In your case for the border color, this is also implemented in TAdvEdit.

Thanks, I had forgotten about TAdvEdit.  Too many components to choose from!