Calling the OnFooterPaint method when clicking on

I want to display the selected rowcount in a FloatingFooter. The selection is changed by clicking on a row, but the "OnFooterPaint-Method" is only fired if I press a key (i.e. row- or col-moving). How can I call this method manually i.e. in a onCellClick-Method? Thanks, Peter

We'll expose in the next update the method grid.UpdateFooter;

As a workaround for now, call grid.Invalidate.

Thanks to expose it. Unfortunately the call to grid.invalidate doesn't call the onFooterPaint-method.

I cannot see this here. Are you using the latest version? If you inspect ADVGRID.PAS, you should see that Invalidate will also invalidate the footer and thus call OnFooterPaint when its style is fsCustomPaint