Calling AureliusDataset.FieldDefs.Update when using SetSourceCriteria makes it open an empty dataset

When AureliusDataset objects are provided through SetSourceCriteria, if I call FieldDefs.Update then no records are retrieved after calling Open.
This doesn't happen when providing objects by setting DatasetField property.

Is there any way to overcome this?

It neither happens when using SetSourceList.

With SetSourceCriteria it seems like the data won't be retrieved anymore after the first time it internally opens the cursor just to get field definitions.

Thank for the report. We could reproduce and fix it. Next version will include the fix.
As a current workaround, just call SetSourceCriteria again after calling FieldDefs.Update.

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Thanks. I'll check then when the new version comes.
In my case, the Criteria object is an inbound parameter, and seems like it's been already cleared when I tried a second call, so my current workaround was temporarily change these calls to SetSourceList.
I forgot to say that SetSourceCursor had the same issue.

You can always use Criteria.Clone to create a copy of the passed criteria.