Calculation and control values on TMSFNCSpreadGrid


I try to work with TMSFNCSpreadGrid, and I have some trouble effect

  1. Create empty project, add TMSFNCSpreadGrid with default settings
  2. Add one checkbox for control properties ShowFormula.

at begin..
Add data to few cells, for example

A1 - 5
A2 - 7
A3 - =SUM(A1:A2)
A4 - 10
A5 - =A3+A4
A6- =A5*1.2

for first look. all work correct
But, if click, for example, to cell 'A3' for edit, and after exit to another cell, in some cells self showed formulas, and not calculate values, after call Recalc function, formulas work correct
and, if change any formulas to simple values ('2' or '3.5' or any) all formulas, where have referense fro changed cell, give old formula not new value , if put to cell before value (before simple digits) symbol '=' - all work again correct. I think grid no understands, what now not formula in cell, but simple value. This is normal or a have method for remove reference for the formulas?
(I try example from demos, but same effect is present)

And I have a few question, is present events for access/control calculated values, not formulas? for example- change color of a cell if new value bigger or smaller ? And present methods to control calculated values outputs ?
And second if misstake in place formulas, for example write SUMM but not SUM, project freeze. How intercept errors inputs?
In manulas I don't find right results :(

Thank you

We have seen the editing issue and are investigating this.
To access calculated values, use TMSFNCSpreadGrid.CalcValues[col,row]: variant;
If there is an error with a formula, the event OnFormulaError is triggered.

We fixed the issue.
The next update will address this.

Thank You Bruno! :) Perfect library and I had an interesting idea with her for study and term paper :)
Best regards and fine health!

Academic license don't provide updates for latest updates of components ? because i look when in latest update of FNC Grid resolve my problem with calculated fields in grid. And I try to download library in my account, part of FNC-core is updated, but components lib have a october release date.

Academic versions are on a less frequent update scheme.
The full registered versions are all updated to the latest versions.
We expect we will soon also update academic (no fixed ETA yet)

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