Calculated Property in FNC Object Inspector

When assigning an object to the object inspector all is working and I can change object properties with no problem. I have a property (A) that is calculated based on the value of another property (B), but when I change property B in the inspector, the updated value for property A is not reflected in the inspector unless I explicitly execute the following line after each change in B:
FNCInspector.&Object := MyObject;

Is this behavior correct or am I missing something?

The developer responsible for the TMSFNCObjectInspector is currently out of office.
I'm not sure but I don't think that the component automatically detects if a property influences other properties.

So I don't know if this is the best solution, but for the moment it might be a possibility to use the event PropertyValueChanged where you can check which property was set from an object and then you can use the method RebuildList to update all the values.

procedure TForm.TMSFNCObjectInspectorPropertyValueChanged(Sender,
  AObject: TObject; APropertyInfo: PPropInfo; APropertyName: string;
  APropertyType: TTypeKind; APropertyValue: string);
  if APropertyName = 'MyProperty' then
    (Sender as TTMSFNCObjectInspector).RebuildList;

Thanks Gjalt, this is working!