Business rules...where?


Playing with Music Library demo for Aurelius, and have a couple of questions:
1. Where would be the 'right' place to put my business rules for my model? Lets say I want to prevent creation of a certain Artist in the Artist table, where would be the right place to put that code? I thought it would be in the ArtistController class, put that led me to question #2
2. In the demo why is there a EDITxxxxxController class for every xxxxxController class? I'm all new to this so maybe I'm missing something here, but at first look I'm thinking why isn't the EDITxxxxxController class code in the xxxxxController class code itself?
Any hints? :)

Although this is a valid discussion, it's out of TMS Aurelius' scope. In summary, Aurelius allows you to persist your objects in database, but how to use those objects is up to you.

And actually, there is no "right" answer. There are many people using Aurelius in the old, RAD, "wrong" way which is dropping Aurelius datasets in the form and coding all business rules in the form. One of Aurelius advantages is exactly the fact it makes it easy you code the "old" way, or the "new" way, like using MVC, DDD concepts, among others. The music library demo is just a demo and doesn't use rigid concepts nor is a suggestion of good practices. It's just an example.