"Build with runtime packages" requirement

I'd really rather not "have" to distribute pfcorepkgX.bpl with our application, especially as the plugin concept is being devised solely to allow "custom" features created for a handful of customers; is there a  way of checking for its presence and then dynamically loading it in order to switch on the plugin facility in our app?

TIA, Paul

An article about on demand loading of packages can be found here:


Thanks Bruno, but unless I'm misunderstanding something very basic, that article is about on-demand "design-time" packages; I'm wanting to load pfcorepkgD2007.bpl at runtime if its found in the same folder as my application. In other words I don't want my app to depend on this file; I just want it to become "plugin aware" if its found on startup. I tried using LoadPackage('pfcorepkgD2007.bpl') in the project file but it didn't work.

Hmm...reading up on this I think I'm missing an essential point: without "Build with runtime packages" checked, the entire plugin functionality is lost and since you can't have "Build with runtime packages"  set with an empty runtime package list, I'm stuck. Not the end of the world I guess, if we install this package into the windows path.