Build Web Core Project on Build Server

Hi all together,
I try to build our WebApp on our Build Server, but this failed with a invalid license error.

Our build server does not have Delphi installed, the files have just been copied from an installation to the build server.

When I run c:\Delphi\tms-webcore\Bin\Win32\TMSWebCompiler.exe" -ParseDprojFile -ProjectFile:Test.dproj

I get:

Invalid TMS WEB Core license [6]! You can purchase a license at and get a trial key at

How I get the TMSWebCompiler running on a build machine?

Thanks in advance and best regards!

The license needs to be installed and it is our installer that installs this license.
So, try to install TMS WEB Core on this server.

Thanks for your reply!

I tried this allready, but this didn't work. The installer doesn't detect the correct Delphi Version. I use Delphi 11.3. The detected Version is an outdated Installation.

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You need to run the installer from the same Windows user account as the one with which you run Delphi

There are no other windows accounts an this machine. The user is the same.

Delphi is not installed, the files have just been copied from an installation to the build server.

Did the Web Core CMD-Compiler really needs a license? Delphi doesn't need a license on a build machine....

The command line compiler indeed checks the license.

Which registry key checks the TMS WebCore installer to detect the installed Delphi Version? I can maybe adopt the registry key from a development machine and get the installer to detect the copied Delphi installation.

Or is there any offline-registration for TMS WebCore possible?

Copying the registry keys won't work as it is machine dependent.

Here is how I get this working:
On a full licensed developer machine export the following registry-keys
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Embarcadero\BDS\22.0 (or any other delphi-version). It's only for the TMS WebCore installer to detect the correct Version (see Build Web Core Project on Build Server - #3 by Winkel_Philipp1).

Copy the reg-file to the build-machine (Jenkins node) where delphi is only as binary avaible (not fully installed) and replace the paths in the reg file with the correct paths from the build machine. In my case the paths are the same, so I didn't any replacement.

Install the fixed reg-file on the build machine. After this TMS WebCore installer detects the correct Delphi version and a sets up license for the build machine.

After TMS WebCore is installed, there are maybe some TMS-Components missing. Check the following registry keys on a developer machine and copy this to the build-machine:
If there are any comonents listed, follow this reg-keys and adopt these to the build machine. Of course this components must be avaible on the build machine. In my case I had to setup:
Of course in all sub-registry keys (e.g. InstallDir, WebLibPath) must be valid paths to this components.

After this I get my project compiled with the TMSWebCompiler with Jenkins on a Windows-Agent. :rocket:

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