Bug TAdvStrinGrid.ColumnAtPosition(ACol);

I am using TAdvStringGrid. ColumnCount at design time is set = 6. During working of the programm I am filling grid with some data and modifying ColumnCount from 6 up to 37. When calling ColumnAtPosition for columns greater 5, error "List index out of Range (6)" is generated. If I set ColumnCount = 37 at design time and then decrease during working of the program, error is not generated.
Is it a bug?

When you programmatically change the Column count, (ir. with property grid.ColCount) you should reinitialize the column order tracking in the grid and you can do this with grid.SetColumnOrder;

Problem is solved according to your recomendation, so I no longer need to discuss this topic. I already made changes in my program code.

With regards
Gregory Gvatua