Bug setting unlinked TWebLabel.Caption, loses Top position

On a form with a linked panel with unlinked TWebLabels having ElementPosition=epAbsolute, when setting the caption, the control loses its top position.

When the form is rendered first, the label sits at its designed position. But when changing the caption later on at runtime, the 'top' style of the automatically generated HTML <div> element gets unwanted changed.

To temporarily fix this, I do:

Procedure SetLabCap(Lab : TWebLabel; Const Caption : String);
// Bug fix!
Var Top : String;
 Top := Lab.ElementHandle.style.getPropertyValue('top');
 Lab.Caption := Caption;
SetLabCap(MyLabel,'Why did the chicken...');

My assumption is that the Top offset of the parent panel is forgotten when recalculating the element styles.

Greetings, Walter

There must be insufficient information as I could not reproduce this.
Project2.zip (5.4 KB)