Bug in version 1.9 in TWebListControl

The TWebListControl linked through the Grid.Plugins to Paginator.Plugins does not display the pages on the rendered page. It creates the

  • items but they do not contain any anchors or text.

    It is fine with the 1.9 beta release.

  • What is Grid.Plugins / Paginator.Plugins?
    We are not aware of any changes between the beta & release in this area.
    Please try to isolate this and provide a sample source project with which we can reproduce this.

    HI @brunofierens

    The pluigins are copies of those generated by the Webcore/XData wizard and also used in some of your demos.

    do you still have the simple project I provided to illustrate the issue with 0 results on TWebTableControl? That illustrates it.

    screen shots


    Please when you create a new support ticket, add a project.
    We do not keep all projects from all customers from previously submitted tickets.


    We could trace & solve this issue.
    The next update will address this.


    Any date on the next update? I'm waiting for several fixes to be able to go live with a large application.

    We aim to release v1.9.1.0 in the coming week.

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