Bug: identifier not found "BevelInner"

FYI applies to TTMSFNCSpinEdit and TTMSFNCTrackBar

Drop a FNC UI track bar (TTMSFNCTrackBar) onto a TMS Wed Core form. 

Change BevelInner (or BevelOuter and BevelKind, probably others too) to bvNone and compile. This gives the following error:

[Error] Unit1.pas(1): identifier not found "BevelInner"
identifier not found "BevelInner"
[Fatal Error] identifier not found "BevelInner"

Component has to be deleted and and readded to remove error. Not tried it with VCL app.

Using latest of TMS Web Core and of TMS UI

SECOND OBSERVATION: Probably related:

1. Create new TMS Web Core form.

2. Drop TWebPanel on to form, change BorderStyle to bsNone.

3. Add TTMSFNCTrackBar to panel

4. Compile and you'll get this compile error:

[Error] Unit1.pas(1): Incompatible types: got "TTMSFNCTrackBarAppearanceButtonShape" expected "TBorderStyle"
Incompatible types: got "TTMSFNCTrackBarAppearanceButtonShape" expected "TBorderStyle"
[Fatal Error] Incompatible types: got "TTMSFNCTrackBarAppearanceButtonShape" expected "TBorderStyle"

We could reproduce this. 
At this moment the web variant of the TMSFNCTrackBar doesn't support a bevel, hence this error.
We will investigate how we can address this in a future release. For now, please keep the bevel properties to default values.