Broken TTIWDatePicker / spontaneous Editable?

In TTIWDBDatePicker.Render.HTML some code has been added that has the effect of setting the control as Editable even if it is not supposed to be.

    if AutoEditable then
      Editable := InEditMode(DataSource.Dataset);
      Editable := True;
      Enabled := True;
This ELSE clause is new... and incorrect.  There is no reason to set the control to Editable just because the control is not AutoEditable.  (Obviously by definition if the control is NOT AutoEditable, it should never set itself to Editable.)
This problem exists in IWComponentPackProScript as of 5/22/2011 but did not exist in IWPro as of 11/12/2009.

I've done a fix in the IWDBDatePicker control to make it's behavior more consistent with the default IW db controls.

- When AutoEditable is false and Enabled is false, the control will always stay disabled.
- When AutoEditable is false and Enabled is true, the control will always stay enabled.

The update will be available with the next release of the TMS IW Component Pack
Bart Holvoet2011-06-14 06:55:12