broken in last version - big fonts

The problem with windows using big fonts got worse with the new version, especially with windows 7 (Vista not tested, XP not that extreme).

How can the row height be adapted to the font size set by windows due to the configuration with bigger fonts?


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How exactly can we reproduce a problem? We have actually not changed anything in the latest version 5.7 wrt font & font size handling.

Sorry, i did not mention that the version it worked better was (Package), we did not change the package between.

If i have some time, i try to make a demo. I havbe the two execs that behave different, but as the program is quiete big and DB-dependent, making two installs takes some time which i don't have in the moment.

Is there a general way to handle the font/rowheight switching with the grids? We now build in a query to ask windows what is the fontsize std and then "manually" change row height, which is not very elegant.