BPL Forms and scripter

hi, i have written a modular program. bpl files in all forms. I want scripter to add to the program.

Bpl files within scripter can intervene forms and create a new programs to take into bpl possible?

sorry my bad english.

I hope I could explain what I am.

Hello, unfortunately I could not understand what you mean. Can you maybe explain using pseudo-code to illustrate what you want to achieve?

Is it possible to open and design forms in bpl files via scripter?

Never mind, I gave up from this method.

A new question, how  can i embed  all forms (.psc,.sfm,.ssproj) in a Tstream file ?

Hi Nuri, if you check the manual, you will see that scripter has events that are fired before loading/saving the files. You can implement handlers to those events to intercept the saving/loading mechanism and use any media you want. 

thanks, I checked the manual and solved the previous problems.

However, when I load the content from the file, I cannot retrieve iftForm? 

Case IDEFileType of
          len := Length(paket.Scripts);
          for i := 0 to len - 1 do
            if paket.Scripts.FileName = ExtractFileName(AFileName) then
              AContent := paket.Scripts.Content;
          len := Length(paket.Forms);
          for i := 0 to len - 1 do
            if paket.Forms.FileName = ExtractFileName(AFileName) then
              AContent := paket.Forms.Content;
        if paket.Projects.FileName = ExtractFileName(AFileName) then
          AContent := paket.Projects.Content;


Note that there is not always a form file associated with a script. There are scripts that have no form files associated to it. The IDE engine must know in advance if the form "file" exists or not. Since you are not using real files, you must tell the IDE if there is a form file for a specific script. You must use OnCheckValidFile event for that.

Thank you :) This solves my problem